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Remote viewing and creating reality to win the lotto

We facilitate groups working both ways. You can start or join a group that remote views the lotto numbers together. We call this crowd viewing. Alternatively you can start or join a group that manifests the lotto numbers together. We call this crowd focusing. For both kinds of groups we purchase a ticket for every draw of the group's lottery, playing the group's numbers.

Starting a group

We purchase the ticket on behalf of the person that started the group and for legal reasons this person needs to be a resident of Washington state. Once you have started a group you can invite friends and family to join. As soon as the group has at least ten members everyone is asked to start their subscription via PayPal, and as soon as at least ten members have activated their membership the group will be activated and we start purchasing tickets.

Crowd viewing

In crowd viewing groups each member remote views the numbers for each draw of the group's lottery. We combine all those numbers into one ticket for the group, based on how often a number is remote viewed and the remote viewing track record of the individuals. We calculate an average for each participant that is expressed in the Remote View Average (RVA). We will only reveal the combined numbers after the drawing. If a group member forgets to enter their remote view for the next draw we will repeat the previous numbers up to three times. Please read the terms and conditions for what happens if a crowd viewing group member does not participate.

Crowd Focusing

With crowd focusing groups there is only one set of numbers that is entered by the group host. Each group member contributes to making these numbers a reality by focusing on them.


Remote View Daily (this website) takes 10% of the winnings and distributes the rest among the members of the winning group evenly. If the amount is under $100 it will be added to the group balance for later distribution. (See terms and conditions.)

All group numbers

In addition to purchasing tickets for each active group, we also combine the numbers of groups according to our latest research and purchase tickets for the resulting number sets. The winnings of these tickets will be distributed equally among all active members after we subtract 10%.