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New Features at Remote View Daily!
We’ve been making some changes at Remote View Daily and we’re getting ready to offer our users many new features, including incentives to practice, ways to track your progress and a chance to participate with your friends and collectively remote view the lottery. Here are some of the new developments:

  • Cut off time for submitting remote views will now be 4 pm Standard Pacific Time. The results will be revealed one hour later at 5 pm.
  • How to submit your remote view: users can now submit three words instead of five.
  • Remote View Average (RVA) Users can now track their progress by checking their Remote View Average. Watch how your Remote View Average changes with each new remote view. Every time you participate, your RVA will be calculated. Learn More Here.
  • Weekly Rewards Program. Anyone who has met the 10-view minimum qualifies for the Remote View Daily weekly rewards program. The top three participants with the highest RVA’s for the week will receive a reward in the form of a cash incentive or a sponsored gift certificate.
Crowdviewing the Lottery For a minimal monthly fee, subscribers can create or join a group and participate in nine Mega Millions or Power Ball draws. Learn more here. Fees will not apply until the group has ten members. At that point, will send group members an email to set up a paypal subscription. Enjoy! Ideas or suggestions on how to further enhance this site can be sent to